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TCA Peel 10%

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Category : Body
Product Name : TCA Peel 10%
Price in Pesos : P 900
Price in Dollars : $ 25.71
Weight : 145 g
This type of peel is useful for people with surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes, and pigmentation problems. TCA may be used on the neck as well as other areas of the body such as the hands, forearms, legs, and chest. The treatment is rapid, requiring less than thirty minutes from beginning to end. There is some burning upon application. Once the treatment is completed, you can expect to shed the dead, outer layer of skin for approximately three days. The healing process can take from ten to fourteen days. After that time you will notice improvement in the appearance of your skin, which will have less wrinkles, blemishes, and pigmentation problems. You will also notice a healthy glow, as your face appears radiant and shining. You need only to apply 3 layers of the solution for 1 day for the skin to peel after approximately 4 days. You may wash 24 hours after last application. This clears away dead skin layers that may be blocking in acne infection, releasing the impurities and allowing the skin to heal to a clearer complexion. It exfoliates dead skin cells that appear as age spots, fine lines, scars, and discoloration that are not naturally exfoliating due to a slowing down in the body's rejuvenating functions as we age. It also promotes increased blood flow and circulation, stimulating your skin cells to rejuvenate and build up collagen and elastin fibers which strengthen the skin. Gross Weight 145ml. Net Wt. 60ml
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