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Underarm Package

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Category : Packages
Product Name : Underarm Package
Price in Pesos : P 990.00
Price in Dollars : $ 28.29
Weight : 255 grams
Women are constantly in search of ways to lighten the discoloration and chicken skin in their underarms. The goal is to have even skin tone and to have a barely noticeable chicken skin. With continuous usage of the basic underarm package, the texture and the color of the skin will improve in 4 to 5 treatments. PRODUCT DETAIL - REGULAR OR MILD PEELING SOLUTION The only mild liquid solution that has been proven to shed the darker layer of the skin gently minus the scare of having the skin burned. The solution comes in different colors depending on the potency that the client needs. -CREAM RELIEVER A cream needed to alleviate minor skin discomfort associated with peeling. -REGULAR OR MILD WHITENING CREAM A concentrated whitening cream used for improving the skin further after two weeks of using the peeling package. Choice of Regular Whitening cream for normal skin, and mild whitening cream for sensitive skin. {4 weeks straight usage, then rest for 4 weeks. Use Underarm Cream for maintenance} -ANTIPERSPIRANT Skin-friendly liquid solution that is phenomenal in leaving the underarms feeling dry and clean. READ INSTRUCTION FOR STANDARD PROTOCOL FOR USE WHAT TO EXPECT -Minor redness before the skin peels -Skin peeling after 4 to 5 days -Slight sting when the cream reliever is applied -Skin will be one shade lighter {Result may vary} For chicken skin and slight discoloration to recur when improper removal is continued. Diode Laser Hair Removal together with the Underarm Package will provide better results PREPARATION: -Remove hair through waxing or sugaring 2days before undergoing the treatment. Hair cannot be removed for 2 months from peeling application. -Buy Ivory Soap.
Edz Saquilayan  Jan 15, 2013 03:19:32 PM
Hi just want to know if this product can be use in bikini area too? Thanks
ara abigael palomar  Dec 25, 2012 12:14:03 AM
I've already used this product before and it honestly made my UA even and accordingly toned. There's no doubt that this package is effective! But due to waxinh, I got it burned so I'm returning to this regimen.
Marge Pineda  May 13, 2011 04:25:14 AM
This product really works! It's amazing! I started using it last April 28 and I can already see the results after 4 days. And what's good about it is that I did not experience any discomfort. I highly recommend this UA package because it's affordable, safe, effective and you can apply it at the comfort of your own home.
nina sarah buela  Oct 6, 2010 02:16:40 AM
ive tried this package and kahit two treatments pa lng nakita ko na talaga ang resulta na puting puti na ung underarm ko,,, i will really recommend this,,, di ko tinuloy ang treatment kahit meron pa kasi,, so much tamad na ako mag apply,, eh, maputi na naman ung underarm koeh,, thanks to kate jones,,







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