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Name - Whitening Lotion
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Beautifying Factor

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Category : Packages
Product Name : Beautifying Factor
Price in Pesos : P 1400
Price in Dollars : $ 40.00
Weight : 955 g
Women (even men) are incessantly seeking ways to improve their skin from mild to moderate acne, and dull skin. Kate Jones Beautifying Factor, with its unique and unbeatable blend of holistic approach to beauty and perfection gives softer and whiter complexion. The goal is to have healthy, young, and glowing skin. And the end result will be just that. Products: Mild Skin Cleanser, Super Sun Block, Acne Gel, Coco Puro, Kojic Soap, Night Repair Cream, and Cream Reliever. In the initial beautifying phase, you may experience one or more of these symptoms: -Minor flaking and dryness around the mouth (call your beauty specialist) -Either dryness or oiliness -Some untoward reactions may appear temporarily (if this occurs, use cream reliever) -stinging sensation Ultimately, the untoward reaction will subside as you learn more about your skin and the proper usage of the package. Skin color evens out and the skin becomes smooth and glowing. It is strongly advised to stick with the regimen. Virgin skin reacts differently in the initial phase and patience is very much needed to attain the goal that the package promotes to give. Applying the cream reliever twice a day will most definitely help hasten the reduction of the initial skin reaction. Expect the skin to become pinkish, whiter, softer, and remarkably glowing.
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