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Skin Glow Set

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Category : Packages
Product Name : Skin Glow Set
Price in Pesos : P 900
Price in Dollars : $ 25.71
Weight : 500 g
Everyone wants to have beautiful skin without the fuss of using too many skin care and beauty products. This is a 4 step regimen that can improve the texture of your skin without ruining your budget. The Skin Glow Set is especially made for the men and women who want value for money. This skin care package includes Tea Tree Facial Wash, Super Sun Block, Acne Gel and Tretinoin. Tea Tee Facial Wash is an invigorating cleansing gel that has purifying and antibacterial properties from tea tree oil, known to smoothen and calm blemished skin. It is made to systematically purify the pores and known to leave the skin feeling fresh and clean. Super Sun Block is the perfect daily sun protection with 3 shades to choose from. The color blends well on skin and leaves a matte finish. Acne Gel is a concentrated spotting gel that unclogs pores and kills bacteria that causes all kinds of acne; an invisible gel over, or under make-up that promotes healing and fast drying of facial impurities. This can be used to neutralize the effect of Tretinoin. Tretinoin is the treatment of choice for acne, or whiteheads and blackheads. Daily application of a thin film to the face prior to bedtime is recommended. Make sure to avoid sensitive skin on the lips and under the eye area. (Not to be used by pregnant women).
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